Healing Llama Lotion 2 Pack


Have you ever felt a silky soft baby llama? That was the inspiration behind our All Over Llama Lotion. Our formula is Paraben, Fragrance, and Dye-Free and is scented with real, natural essential citrus and lavender oils. If you or your little one have dry, cracked or sensitive skin, we guarantee you love the Llama Lotion or your money back. A little goes a long way too! Perfect for after bath time, dry or cracked skin, and when you need a little silky smooth skin! Do us a favor and pull out your current brand of lotion and see if it has fragrances in the ingredients. Fragrances cause your skin to burn, turn red, can cause allergic reactions and are generally just no good for you. Our formula doesn’t contain any fragrances so you know you’re getting the most gentle and moisturizing lotion for you and your family!




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