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Our little babies are cute and cuddly, but sometimes those teething pains are a force to be reckoned with. Sometimes teething discomfort and symptoms will only last a few days, but if multiple teeth erupt one after the other, teething discomfort and pain can last for months. The best thing to do during this time is to make your baby as comfortable as possible and then go grab yourself some chocolate! With all the baby teething remedies out there, it’s important to closely look at each option and which best fits for you and your baby.

Parents often wonder how they will know when their baby is teething. One tricky thing about teething is that sometimes, babies will begin to experience symptoms two to three months before a tooth ever shows signs of breaking through the gums. This makes it difficult to know if your baby’s fussiness is teething related or related to something else entirely.

Some babies begin biting and chewing on everything they can get in their mouths. The pressure from biting helps relieve those tender gums. There are a variety of teething toy options for babies. Some are smooth or bumpy, some vibrate, and some can even be put in the fridge or freezer. There are some safety precautions to follow when using teething toys. One, clean them often! This will help limit the number of germs entering into your baby’s system. Two, check toy before each use to make sure it is not cracking, breaking, or becoming brittle. Throw the toy out as soon as any of these signs are noticed. Three, don’t place toy in fridge or freezer unless the toy is designed for it and explicitly states on the packaging that it is indeed safe to place in the fridge and or freezer.

An all-natural teething remedy is placing a clean, damp wash cloth in the freezer just until it turns slightly crisp and crunchy. Pull the wash cloth out of the freezer and let your baby go to town chewing on this gloriously easy masterpiece (supervised of course)! My oldest loved this to relieve her teething pain. She also loved putting things in her mouth, so it was a win win! I’m hoping this is one of the remedies that works for our newest little babe, but she has yet to cut a tooth so we shall see!

Another great teething remedy is teething gel. Teething gel for babies is a great option to help relieve those sore little gums. Of course, it is important to make sure you only use an all-natural teething gel option! Check the ingredient list and company to ensure integrity products. Teething gel can help relieve those sore tender gums providing comfort to your little one.

Happy teething!

Xoxo – Adriane

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