Daylight Saving

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Goodness! With the recent daylight-saving change, I’ve been left feeling like I could sleep all day and not make it on time anywhere! Why are we still doing daylight saving anyway? It doesn’t seem as though the original reasons used to enact daylight saving are still applicable. Benjamin Franklin merely suggested it to save in candle usage and in 1966 became federal law with the passage of the Uniform Time Act.

Currently, Hawaii and Arizona don’t observe daylight saving and Florida residents are beginning to up rise against daylight saving as a law, insisting that we should have more daylight hours during the long, dreary, winter days. I definitely don’t disagree! Hopefully, as Florida works harder on resisting daylight saving and makes a permanent change, it will be contagious and the rest of the country will join them. But until then, why not do a few things to help ourselves and our littles transition into and out of daylight saving because let’s be honest, it’s not saving anyone ANYTHING! Certainly not sleep, and that’s what we need more of every time the clocks change!

In the days leading up to daylight saving, it helps to gradually adjust your kids’ bedtime about 15 minutes earlier each day. This helps your little ones’ internal body clocks adjust to going to bed at a different time than they are used to. One trick that I personally love, is using blackout curtains! Who knew these were such miracle workers? Both my girls have blackout curtains in their rooms. When their bedrooms are dark, this really helps signal to them and their bodies, that it’s time to sleep, stay asleep, and sometimes if I’m lucky, sleep in! If blackout curtains alone aren’t enough, try giving your child an all-natural child sleep aid like melatonin. Melatonin is an all-natural supplement that gives the already naturally occurring melatonin in your body the extra boost it needs.

In addition to a children’s sleep supplement, it is critical to stick with the bedtime routine you’ve already established. Having a solid bedtime routine helps signal to babies and kids that it is indeed time to go to sleep. Even though the clock has changed, their internal rhythms are telling them it is either too early or too late for bedtime. So by sticking to the bedtime routine they know, this will help settle them in for the night allowing you to catch up on your z’s too!

With all this talk on helping our kids adjust to daylight saving, let’s not forget to take care of ourselves during this change as well. Make sure you stay well hydrated and well rested. You might want to stay up light to binge watch that Netflix show you’ve been dying to see, but that will be there once you’re well rested!

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