Why Choose All-Natural?

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It used to be that products were developed and formulated containing a list of ingredients a mile long and near impossible to pronounce. While some of these ingredients may not be harmful, most of them are. Because of the potentially hazardous short-term and long-term effects of certain ingredients, many consumers are demanding product manufacturers take necessary steps toward creating and formulating healthier, all-natural products. In addition, consumers are also demanding law-makers enforce restrictions upon ingredients going into products we are consuming and putting on our skin which ultimately end up in our bloodstream.

Natural ingredients come from nature, imagine that? Imagine that we might actually use our most beautiful resources in our healthcare and skincare routine. Imagine that these natural ingredients might actually benefit our bodies in the way they were intended? When natural ingredients are used, the risk for allergic reaction goes down in addition to any other reactions or skin irritations. Many of the man-made ingredients found in countless products are linked to hormonal imbalance, tumors, and allergies.

One extremely harmful ingredient you’ve probably heard of is parabens. Parabens are added to products to maintain freshness and resist the growth of bacteria. Manufacturers began using parabens in the 1950s, and because they are inexpensive and effective, most cosmetic developers use them. One of the most widely known risks of using parabens is that they are linked to breast cancer and reproductive complications, including reduced sperm count. Not only that, but specialists also believe parabens are linked to the general development of tumors. Those risks are hardly worth it when there are natural, safer options and that’s where Wink Naturals products come in.

Wink Naturals was created, developed, and formulated with families in mind. Wink Naturals offers a variety of products that are all-safe and all-natural for the entire family, your sweet, precious babies included. The Wink line includes but is not limited to children’s sleep aids, adult sleep aids, and infant teething gel. In our sleep deprived society, in order to get the sleep we need, we may need to look toward Wink Naturals safe sleep products.

As adults and the culture we live in, we tend to take on more responsibility and obligations whether that is out of desire or to support our families. However, because of that, we are committing to less hours of sleep. Sleep that we need to commit to our basic daily functions. The Sleep in America polls have linked sleep deficits with poor work performance, driving accidents, relationship problems, and mood problems like anger and depression (WebMD.com).

If these sleep deprivation issues sound like you, maybe it’s time to try Wink Naturals all natural sleep aids. Getting you and your family the good night sleep you all deserve while putting nothing harmful into your body.

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